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Fire Marshal

Become a professionally trained Fire Marshal and obtain your Fire Marshal/Fire Warden Certification and work towards contributing to fire safety in construction sites.

As a Fire Marshal, you should be confident in identifying fire hazards and managing risks in the work area effectively. You should also be able to coordinate fire drills and ensure safety measures are in place to allow for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.


  • Evacuation Procedures

  • Preventing fires

  • How a fire can start

  • Fire safety legislation

  • Fire safety precautions

  • Using a fire extinguisher

  • Contacting emergency services

  • Identifying suitable assembly points

  • Marking Fire Exit routes

Course Info:

This course will provide you with an official Fire Marshal/Fire Warden certificate along with a Photo ID Card


On the Day:

Our expert trainers will run you through all fire safety procedures and knowledge requirements to ensure you can keep a low fire risk environment within a construction site. Throughout the duration of the course, the trainer will assess your knowledge and understanding of content and will determine whether you have passed or failed. You will then complete an online multiple choice exam to complete the course.

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must be 16 or older

Candidates must have Valid ID

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Fire Marshal Overview:

Course Duration:

2 Hours


Accredited Fire Marshalling Certification


106 Church Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3HW

Pass Requirements:

Demonstrate, to your assessor, relevant knowledge and understanding in the maintenance of fire safety



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