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Our Mission:

We, as an organisation, have complete dedication towards providing the best possible experience for those working in the construction industry. By providing construction qualifications for those who need them predominantly in the Somerset, North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucester areas, we hope to fuel the construction workforce, as we understand the importance of having skilled, safe and responsible workers on site.

Opportunities for You:

With new investment entering the Somerset area, demand for construction workers either as labourers or skilled workers, will only be increasing.

We see the opportunity to supercharge development within the area, as more and more construction projects are looking to employ those with the required qualifications and skills that we can provide.

Our Origins:

L&F Construction, a subdivision of L&F Training (which has over 14 years of experience within the education industry and has provided a variety of different qualifications to people of many different ages, backgrounds and industries) can ensure reliability for all of our candidates who have enrolled onto our courses.

Our Impact:

We want to help the community as best as possible, providing high quality customer service while also working towards expanding our array of available qualifications, taught by our very best trainers, to ensure you get what you paid for

L&F Construction:

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